Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Two Roots

Night- Michelangelo
The Two Roots (Dō Bun in Persian) are Light and Dark. The Tree of Life and the Tree of Death.

As posted before, the teachings of the Greek
scholars, Empedocles and Pythagoras were passed down to Mani by the
great teacher Scythianus, whom it is said, lived at the time of the Apostles.

Scythianus, by the way, still remains as one of the great teachers of humanity.

Empedocles is a source for the doctrine of the four elements, even as it manifests itself in Hippocrates' teaching of the four humours. This is a very practical doctrine which is used widely even today.

Empedocles also taught that the universe is composed of the forces of Neikos: Strife/Discord and Philia: Love/Friendship. Here is another source for the Manichean Two Roots.

Day- Michelangelo
"The difference between these two Principles is like that between a King and a pig: Light dwells in a royal abode in places suitable to its nature, while Dark like a pig wallows in mud and is nourished by filth and delights in it." - Severus, quoting a work by Mani.

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