Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Three Moments

The Three Moments are of time - past/old/former, present/current and the future/changing. These qualitative differences can be applied to the Zodiac. The arrow must hit the target- not a little to the left or right.

This is the lofty doctrine that purpose be exercised deftly. For example, you go to a concert on the stage is a man with a hammer making a piano i.e. what should have taken place in the past is manifesting in the present. Again you turn up, and find that the pianist played yesterday and you have missed the show. (An example given by Rudolf Steiner.)

Here is one definition of evil: goodness must not fall either side of its allotted time - or that evil can be misplaced goodness.

In terms of evil we can have the rotten - old evil represented by Ahriman - and the unripe - young evil represented by Lucifer. Christ lives in the present, where everything is at its peak.

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