Monday, November 28, 2011


Cao'an Temple near Huabiao Hill 

Some of the doctrines claimed for Neo-Manicheism might be challenged. The main one being that the creator of the material world is evil - that being a Lucifer/Gnosis idea.

There is very little left from the original Church. However, there plenty of reincarnated souls today, who have been involved in the Manichean stream.

Somewhere in a hill village, near Quanzhou in China, there still exists a Manichean temple which is now Buddhist.  The underground spiritual stream itself has never died. It continued on in the Grail Mysteries, for instance.

This blog puts together some of the history and teachings of Mani, much of which was revealed by writers in the twentieth century beginning with Rudolf Steiner. There is more to post from Trevor Ravenscroft, Sergei Prokovieff and Walter Stein et al. Later we will flesh out the doctrines - ablutions, water communion, Zodiac and the Trinity etc.

Albert Steffen, the first leader of the Anthroposophical Society after Steiner was a Manichean. Dr. Steiner himself was a Rosicrucian - a path closely allied to the Manichean.

The Manichean path is characterized by tolerance, gentleness, kindness and forgiveness. It has elements of Buddhism (the eightfold path in particular), Zoroastrianism, Pythagoras and Empedocles (the teaching of the Four Elements - how they relate to the Zodiac and the individual, is an informing study).

The Manicheans used water in their Eucharist.

By Zhangzhugang 


  1. Is it being called Neo-Manicheanism? The neo part bothers me a lot. Neo-cons. Neo-Nazis. The only good Neo I can think of was in the Matrix and he was simply 'Neo.'

  2. Some people call it that- and proudly. What exists today is a heterodoxy, confined to the internet.

  3. Excellent touch points. I'm researching a bit into Manichaeism and Augustine's involvement before he converted to Catholicism.