Friday, November 25, 2011

Mani & the Pivot of this Present Moment

"We can truly cherish the dear souls that we share company with, without the necessity to explain such rapport by the past. The grand moment is undeniably now."
It is wise to remember that the great personage of Mani has gone further on in his development since he played that pivotal role in the third century of our era. By only concentrating on the man of the past we separate ourselves off from the reality and truth of the current manifestation of he who was Mani.

"If we look to study the ghosts and their times passed, it is necessary to distinguish the then from the now."
There are many souls incarnating today who have had experience in the Manichaean stream. And as is the case with many reincarnates they hearken back to those powerful impressions that once filled their souls. 

It is a truth that change is the only constant and that the grand moment is now. And so the Manichaean stream is very much alive and lives in the now. It is by no means a force that is spent. Indeed its time has not come, and it is set to play an important role in the future.
"The wise ancients that you call upon in vision, were marvelous in their special moments, in their prime, in those 'cameo performances', and we may give thanks also to the great souls who have shaped the world thus. However, you will separate yourself from the reality and truth of their current personages if you indeed forget that they too have gone further."
"The riches of the past are the most hallowed and revered illusions beyond all others. No matter how good the teacher or how ecstatic the exquisite review, the past is nonetheless, that which has been; and though immortalized in fragments everywhere, it is an illusion best realized as such from the outset. It becomes a necessary discrimination before attempting to enter back into the streams of influence which hold great attraction in heart and desire."

All quotes from The Three Moments

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