Saturday, February 2, 2013

Paraclete & the Redeemed Lucifer

Lucifer and all other adversarial spirits can only live within the Holy Spirit, as all life is encompassed by it.
  A quote from Rudolf Steiner:

That man is capable of this, that he is capable of understanding Christ,  that Lucifer, resurrected in a new form, can unite with Christ as the good Spirit this, as prophecy still, was told by Christ Himself to those around Him, when He said: Ye shall be illumined by the new Spirit, by the Holy Spirit!
This Holy Spirit is none other than the Spirit through whom man can apprehend what Christ has wrought. Christ desired not merely to work, but also to be apprehended, to be understood. Therefore the sending of the Spirit by whom men are inspired, the sending of the Holy spirit, is implicit in Christianity.
In the spiritual sense, Whitsuntide belongs inseparably to Easter. This Holy Spirit is none other than the Lucifer-Spirit, resurrected now in higher, purer glory the Spirit of independent understanding, wisdom-inwoven. Christ Himself foretold that this Spirit would come to men after Him, and in the light of this Spirit their labors must proceed. What is it that works onward in the light of this Spirit? The world-stream of spiritual science, if rightly conceived! What is this spiritual science? It is the wisdom of the Spirit, the wisdom that lifts into the full light of consciousness that in Christianity which would otherwise remain in the unconscious. 

The torch of the resurrected Lucifer, of the Lucifer now transformed into the good, blazons the way for Christ. Lucifer is the bearer of the Light, Christ is the Light! As the word itself denotes, Lucifer is the Bearer of the Light. That is what the spiritual scientific movement should be, that is implicit in it.
Those who know that the progress of mankind depends upon living apprehension of the mighty Event of Golgotha are they who as the Masters of Wisdom and of the Harmony of Feelings are united in the great Guiding Lodge of mankind. And as once the tongues of fire hovered down as a living symbol upon the company of the apostles, so does the Holy Spirit announced by Christ Himself reign as the Light over the Lodge of the Twelve. The Thirteenth is the Leader of the Lodge of the Twelve. The Holy Spirit is the mighty Teacher of those we name the Masters of Wisdom and of the Harmony of Feelings.
It is through them that his voice and his wisdom flow down to mankind in this or that stream upon the earth. The treasures of wisdom gathered together by the spiritual scientific movement in order to understand the universe and the Spirits therein, how through the Holy Spirit into the Lodge of the Twelve; and that is what will ultimately lead mankind step by step to free, self-conscious understanding of Christ and of the Event of Golgotha. Thus to cultivate spiritual science means to  understand that the Spirit has been  sent into the world by Christ; the pursuit of spiritual science is implicit in true Christianity. 

We find in "Parzifal" that his mother, the pregnant Herzeleide, nurses a young dragon in a dream:
For she did nurse a dragon, that
forth from her body sprung,
And its dragon-life to nourish awhile
at her breast it hung,
Then it fled from her sight so swiftly..

The ultimate redemption of Evil through Good appears in Mani himself.

Mani speaking at the age of 24: 

"This is how everything that has happened and that will happen was unveiled to me by the Paraclete", Mani says in the Kephalia, mentioning "everything the eye shall see, and the ear hear, and the thought think". 

"I have understood by him everything. I have seen the totality through him. I have become a single body with a single spirit."

 "The divine counterpart will appear and bring help to every apostle (Keph. 36: 6–9)" and not just one person. 

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  1. The Paraclete is Lucifer? I have no problem with that concept. However the greatness of Mani as an a apostle of Christ notwithstanding; it's quite clear to me that the Holy Spirit is Sophia, the one the Father looks to for Wisdom before creating as She is the One who 'Troubled the Waters' imbuing the Earth with Her Spirit that it might bring forth Life and that more abundantly. She is That in which we live abd breathe and have our being. As stated above even rebellious spirits have only therein to move freely. If Lucifer is the Paraclete He or She is subordinate to Christ and dependent upon the Mother as is all life.